Georgia Ren Fair
May 25 - June 2
Colorado Ren Fair
June 15- Aug 4
Pensic Wars
August 8-10
Pittsburgh Ren Fair
Aug 17 - Sep 22
Ohio Ren Fair (pending)
Sep 28 - Oct 27
Texas Ren Fair
Nov 2 - 10 maybe more

The Lady Victoria is an internationally touring musician, performing on the Hammered Dulcimer. Specializes in Celtic and Early musics, in a high energy “edutainment” (educational + entertaining) style.

She has been performing on the Renaissance Festival Circuit since 2013. The Lady Victoria has been performing on the Hammered Dulcimer since 2008. Currently produced six albums, all available on, Itunes and Spotify.

Upcoming Dates:
Hoggetowne Medieval Fair – Gainesville, FL
Florida Renaissance Festival – Fort Lauderdale, FL
Ormond Beach Celtic Festival
Italy 2020 Tour
Georgia Renaissance Festival
Ohio Renaissance Festival
Texas Renaissance Festival

Victoria Van Arnam Hammered Dulcimer Italy
Photo from a Medieval event in Taranto, Italy.

“You made my attending the Renaissance Festival worth the 2 1/2  drive that I made on Saturday to get there.  Although I saw and heard a lot of neat things at the Festival, your music was the highlight for me.”

Lee Rayborne – 2018
Victoria Van Arnam Hammered Dulcimer

“Beautiful playing ! The price of admission to the Renaissance Festival was well worth it just to hear your band for 30 minutes.”

Robert Evich – 2019

“Beautiful songs. You were the hit of the day for my little girl. She talked about you all day and how she wanted to go see “piano lady” again.”

Matt Duerksen – 2018

“The Lady Victoria you are such an amazing musician! It is such a pleasure to listen to you play! You truly know how to entertain. For anyone who has not seen her play it is a must! “

James Schwengler – 2019

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