Projects & Bands

The Lady Victoria

Victoria Van Arnam Hammered dulcimer

Performed at Hoggetowne 2013 – 2018, Colorado Renaissance Festival 2017, Bristol Renaissance Festival 2017, Ohio Renaissance Festival 2017, Florida Renaissance Festival 2015- 2018 and more.

Street or stage! Soothing tones of the hammered dulcimer float through your event! Sure to please audiences of all ages. Includes children’s education and interactive shows.

The Lady Victoria at Camelot Days
Victoria Van Arnam Hammered dulcimer

Lads on the Lash

Performed at the Ohio Ren fest in 2017-2019 and the Georgia Renaissance Fair 2017 – 2018. 

Byron Smith, Aaron Soper and The Lady Victoria bring you jaunty jigs, raucous reels and beautiful ballads. Come listen to Victoria’s hammered dulcimer and revel in the auld songs of ale. Sing along with Byron’s baritone and don’t forget your drinking buddies!

Hammer and Bellows

Victoria Van Arnam Hammered dulcimer the lady victoria

Performed for the 2018 Pittsburgh Renaissance festival.  Brief appearance at North Carolina Renaissance Festival in 2017 and Florida Renaissance Festival 2018.

Thomas Leidenfrost and The Lady Victoria take you on a journey around the world, playing favorite songs and tunes from Italy, Ireland, Russia and the Americas! The pairing of hammered dulcimer and accordion is incredibly rare and unlike any you have heard before!

We recorded an album together! Check it out! 

Hammer and Pick

Victoria Van Arnam Hammered dulcimer

Performed at the Florida Renaissance Fair 2017, 2018, 2019 brief appearance at Bristol Renaissance Festival in 2017.

Jesse Linder and The Lady Victoria team up to bring you the very best in drinking songs, Celtic tunes and lonely ballads.

Cami & Victoria

Victoria Van Arnam Hammered dulcimer

Performed the Orlando Rennaisance Festival 2016-18.  Cami Carre and Victoria Van Arnam fill the air with delicate tunes and waltzes. The harp and hammered dulcimer brings the beautiful and sweet sound of strings to any event.

Previous Project: Dancing Hammers

A Hammered Dulcimer Duo performed at concerts and renaissance festivals in 2016. Released two albums, Tuning Point in March 2016, Nostalgic Christmas in November 2016.

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Previous Project: Jig to a Milestone

A traditional Celtic steampunk duo performing classics from all eras at bars, restaurants, renaissance fairs, Celtic festivals and steampunk events. Released two albums, The Adventures of Dulcimer Girl and Captain Tin Whistle in 2014, Crawford’s Pub in 2015.

Previous Tours:

2018 Winter Tour
Florida Tour: Jan-Mar Brevard Renaissance Festival Hoggetowne Medieval Faire Florida Renaissance Festival Ormond Beach Celtic Festival   Italy Tour: Apr-May (Puglia  Region) Foggia Lecce Bari Taranto Maria d'Enghien (Medieval Reenactment)   Summer Tour: May - Nov Georgia Renaissance Festival Colorado Renaissance Festival Pensic Wars (Pennsylvania Medieval Reenactment) Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival Ohio Renaissance Festival Texas Renaissance Festival Camelot Days (Hollywood, FL) Orlando Renaissance Festival Blue Muse Project Concert (Gulfport, FL)